Growing your business in German-speaking countries

100 million people living across Germany, Austria and Switzerland have one thing in common: They speak German.

Many German-speakers will have a reasonable command of English. But if you want to convince this highly attractive audience, you want to reach out to them in their native tongue.  

At Mundo Marketing, we don’t just speak German. We think German. The specific expectations of the German-speaking audience govern our thinking

  • when we advise our clients on their strategic approach,
  • when we define essentials
  • and when we design and support the implementation. 

What does that mean in real life? Here is a brief overview of our services. 

Media Relations – Making sure you are heard

From tabloid and general interest to business, finance, trade and specialist: Kiosks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are packed with newspapers and magazines covering virtually every aspect of business and private life. Which is good news. It makes professional media relations highly effective.

Our expertise at Mundo Marketing starts at the definition of strategic key messages and attractive story lines, extends through the development of media releases including text, photography, video and audio all the way to hosting media conferences, arranging one-on-ones or serving as first point of contact.

Professional Media Relations have tremendous potential in a German-speaking environment. Tapping that potential for our clients is one of our key competencies.

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Internet Services – Understanding expectations

Your homepage is your calling card to the world. It will not only communicate facts and figures but also values and attitudes. Based on audience expectations, your homepage will have a measurable impact on customer trust, buying decisions and business success.

We don’t just translate. Our core competency in online communications is to customize your outreach to connect you with your target audience. And to make sure that search engines will understand your messages, too.

No need to invent the wheel twice. But when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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Editorial Services – No loss in translation

Sometimes close is not good enough. When you want to convince people and earn their trust, you want to give it your very best.

Expressing thoughts on paper or for the screen is a craft. Professional writing and editing assures that nothing is lost in translation. That the facts are correct and the emotional impact as intended.

Media releases, features, mailings or speeches: Our quest at Mundo Marketing is to support our clients with respect to content and form, structure and tone. For one-off occasions like an important announcement or on a regular basis for newsletters or even customer magazines.

No matter what language you speak: You can always tell if the words ring true. Or if they are just – close.

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Feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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Web Videos – Low overhead, high impact

If a picture says more than a thousand words, then a video can tell an entire story in 30 seconds. If it is moving both in a literal and figurative sense, people love to watch.

Reaching out to a German-speaking audience on video is easier than it might seem. Because people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland understand and respect that not everybody speaks their language.

So yes: It is perfectly ok for an executive, an expert or a decision maker to speak a foreign language. That’s what subtitles are for or an off-camera native speaker. Facts and figures, facilities and products need no translation. And neither does a smile.

If you want to reach out to the German-speaking audience, online videos are a great option. At Mundo Marketing, we help our clients use this option to their best advantage.

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Social Media – Consistency and persistence are key

They are used by politicians, artists, opinion leaders, organizations and companies: Social media networks have developed into virtual communities rich with information and emotion.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube offer tremendous opportunities. But new channels also require new approaches. To be effective, social media engagement needs to be driven by a clear strategy. Consistency and persistence are key. Just like in any other relationship.

We will be happy to support your outreach to virtual communities in the German-speaking landscape. To turn acquaintances into friends and customers into fans.

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Marketing – It’s all about the mix

The term ‘marketing’ embraces a rich mix of options that share one primary purpose: Translate your objectives into effective customer outreach activities.

Given endless possibilities, a clear strategic framework needs to guide decisions. Selecting the most appropriate option is no rocket science. Designing a mix of measures that supplement and even amplify each other is could be called an art.

Yes, marketing costs money. The important question is: Is your money well spent?

We will be happy to guide and manage your marketing activities as you reach out to roughly 100 million people across German-speaking countries. Our goal will be simple: Assure that your investments pay off.

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