Editorial Services

Text – Written to be Read

Creating editorial content is one of our key competencies:
On target with respect to both quality and speed.

Simple professionalism for a German-speaking audience.
Appreciated by companies, institutions, advertising agencies, PR departments and publishers.

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Press releases

Writing a good media release requires skill. And a bit of creativity.

Making sure it reaches the right recipient is an art in itself – and essential.

Online copy

Text shown on a screen needs to be different from text printed on paper.

Online content needs to be “fast”. Short, succinct, well structured – and SEO friendly.

Ad copy

Ad copy needs to convince. Quickly. With a compelling message, focused on benefit.

Reduced to the essence. Commanding attention and buy-in. A case for creativity.

Social Media

Social media has its own rules and expectations, opportunities and risks.

Skill is as important as instinct. What works? It all depends on the audience.