Social Media

Social Media: Staying in touch

Make it easy for people to remember you. To even like you. And to say “yes” when it‘s time for a decision.

Social media lets you tell people what you are all about. Short and sweet. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Make an impact

    Social media encounters are short and emotional. And thus have a greater impact than many a brochure or presentation.

  • Offer value

    Nice is … well … nice. Your impact will be higher if your messages are authentic, valuable and consistent.

  • Build relationships

    As your external partner, we want your posts to establish relationships: On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

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Key messages

Who should care about you – and why? Together, we can lay down a set of key messages to answer that question. Succinct, authentic and believable. And therefore effective.


Your homepage explains what you do. On social media, you let people know for what you stand. Together, we’ll find your stories. Our job is to translate them into posts.


Facts reach people’s minds, emotions win their hearts. Our job is to translate your key messages into compelling stories and visuals. So that people say: I kinda like that!


“Likes” are nice, but they don’t pay the rent. Your social media outreach should contribute value to your business. To improve, one needs to measure. Monitoring shows the way.

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Find out what we can do for you


Facebook was and is the number one go-to platform in the social media landscape. Facebook is all about relationships.

Whether B2B or B2C: Attractive, authentic and persistent content is certain to have a measurable impact.


Twitter is all about short and sweet. The essence of the story. Complexity reduced to 280 characters or less.

Long is easy. Short is hard and simplicity deceiving. A good Twitter channel gets noticed and followed.


A picture says more than a thousand words? That’s where Instagram shines. And lets you shine.

Yes, you can showcase nice photos. But you can also reach out to an audience and make an impression.


Well made YouTube videos are sure to command attention. Even in what is certainly a highly competitive environment.

As with any relationship, persistence is key. Bundled in a value-driven channel. That offers value in an entertaining way.