Your Homepage – Your Gateway to Success

When your car needs fixing you call on a specialist.

Do the same for your homepage.

Because the real magic happens under the hood.

The three phases of successful internet outreach

Strategic framework

A solid strategic foundation is half the battle. Get us on board early to assure attractive content and smooth processes. For maximum efficiency later-on.


Your homepage should make it easy to get your messages out, should enhance your reputation and fuel your growth. We build websites, small and large.

Online Marketing

Let your homepage make a measurable difference. Our online marketing expertise will help you to generate traffic and to convert visits into sales.

Feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

One of these engines will be under the hood.


WordPress combines ease of use with great flexibility. This popular CMS is the backend of literally millions of attractive webpages from small too extensive.

Here is some background on two of the many sites we built for German clients: Orthopedist, Holiday Home.


The Mercedes of Content Management Systems: Powerful and sophisticated. Typo3 is the go-to CMS for extensive websites. For experts and normal folks.

Find out more about the online magazines we built for German clients: Online magazines with Typo3


WooCommerce is the e-commerce solution built into WordPress. It lets small and mid-size clients launch and manage their online business reasonably quickly.

Here are two examples of German online shops we at Mundo Marketing set up: Artwork, Publishing

Good content makes for better conversion

Attract visitors and turn them into friends and customers.

Online editors

As your online editors, we research and write your content for you. The way online content needs to be written.

Our key objective: Let the words be compelling and convincing. So that visitors stop clicking and start reading.

Story Telling

No, we don’t just make up stuff. But we can build a story around facts and figures. About a company. About its products.

Competition for attention is fierce. Attention is nice but relationships count. Built on facts and emotions.

Online Video

Video simply works. For facts and emotions. For simple stories and complex issues. To reach out and to stay in touch.

A well-made video is more than nice-to-have. It offers value to its viewers, to your clients. We can make it happen.

Feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Give us a call at  +49 221 99 98 46 30.
Reach us by email at
Or drop us a line using our contact page.

Internet Marketing: So your customers find you

Traffic can be valuable. Or totally useless.
Clever online strategies assure that you reach your target audience.

E-Mail Newsletter

Stay in touch with your customers. Reach 0ut to interesting audiences. Raise awareness and cultivate relationships.

There are people out there interested in you. Your e-newsletter lets them know you are interested in them.

Online Advertising

A simple banner might be just right. Well placed ads are very effective. Sponsored content can take on many forms.

Let’s find out where your potential customers congregate. And give them the opportunity to get to know you.

Search Ranking (SEO)

A good search engine ranking is key to visibility. We make sure that Google & Co. find you – and like you.

Much can be achieved on your webpage itself. And much can be done off page to enhance your SEO score.

Examples of our work