Media Networking Event

Networking Event for Travel Media Representatives

Snapshot: Media Relations

Client: German North Sea Coastal Resort

Scope: Initiate and manage a get together for travel media representatives and bloggers

Approach: Evening cooking event

Implementation: Media representatives and bloggers are invited to a casual evening event during their visit of the annual ITB tourism fair in Berlin. A professional cook and team guide the group through an evening of cooking and dining. Local seafood specialities are a prominent feature.

Guests may actively participate in the food preparation or just watch. The organizer’s attention to detail and the collective cooking and dining experience create an ideal environment for participants to grow and foster their professional networks.

Result: Very positive feedback throughout. Destination and media representatives interact in a relaxed atmosphere where business matters can but don’t have to be discussed. Subsequent ocial media posts include photos and videos. Regional media is provided with a summary of the event leading to additional coverage.